1. How much does the service cost?

The service has a monthly/weekly cost per number. The base price is 9.99 EURO/month and 4.99 EURO/week, but may vary sightly in your country, depending on the exchange rates. . After you click on the PAY button, you will most likely have to enter your Google password. That is the password of the Google account you have on your device, not the password you are using in our app.

2. What happens at the end of the month? Do I need to pay again? Do you charge me automatically?
We cannot charge you automatically, so don't worry, your account won't be deducted unless you specifically decide to pay. You have to pay for each number explicitly.
I have paid, but the application says I didn't. Where did my money go?

Please make sure you are logged in the correct WhatsAlarm account. If you created more than one account, if you paid for account A and now you are logged in account B, you won't be able to see the payment and the service will appear as inactive.

3. I have paid, I am sure I am logged in the correct account and the application still doesn't display my payment.

Most probably your payment failed for some reason. Please go here:

You should see there all your payments on Google. If your payment towards us was successful, you should find the transaction ID which is a text like: GPA.xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx indicating a transaction to our app.

Please forward the transaction ID to us, so we can investigate. If you cannot find it in your account, it means your payment did not go through for some reason.

4. My card is not being accepted and I am unable to pay

Google decides which payment options are ok. We have absolutely no decision there. We are as interested as you to have your payment completed, however, we don't control why certain cards are not accepted. Google decides, we just take the payments after they accept them or not.

Please consult:


6. I want to read the conversations of the contact I am monitoring.

We can only provide what you can already see in the application, which is online and offline times. This is data that Whatapp makes public to any of the users. To have access to additional data, such as conversations, location and so on, you would need to install software on the target device by having physical access to it. This is most likely illegal, so we don't do that. We only provide legal services.

We strongly suggest for you not to try accessing the target device physically, as that could get you in a world of legal trouble if caught. Beware of anyone promoting services that can get you access to conversations or location without physical access to the target device, they are scams! You will probably just get some kind of virus installed on your phone, so be extra careful.

7. I want to know who my contact is talking to.

This is also not possible and most likely illegal. You have to know the numbers in order to monitor them.

If you need to estimate the chances of two people talking to eachother, enter both the numbers in WhatsAlarm and compare the online times. It's then up to you if you want to believe in coincidences or not. But you have to know (or at least suspect) what the numbers are.

8. The contact has blocked me on Whatapp. Does the app still work?

Yes. You will see the information we provide even if they hide last seen or they blocked you on Whatapp. You don't even need to have Whatapp installed on your phone!


9. I am not receiving notifications. However the results appear to be ok.

Make sure your phone never goes to sleep. Most phones have a default setting that puts them in sleep mode after a few minutes, in order to save battery. For example, if you put your phone on a table for 2 hours or more without touching it, it will sleep, meaning it won't receive notifications in real time. We have an expiration timeout for our notifications, exactly for these cases.

For example there is a notification to send at 02:00 AM, but the user's phone is sleeping. In the normal flow of events, the user would get this notification at the time when he or she wakes up the phone by picking it up, for example. But this may be hours later. So we don't want to have the user's phone ring at 05:00 AM for an event that happened at 02:00 AM. So what we do is put a timeout for the delivery of that notification. It's now set to 10 minutes. So if your phone is sleeping during those 10 minutes, it will most likely not receive the notification.

10. How to prevent your phone from sleeping: - uninstall any battery saving software you may have. - turn off all battery saving options from your device's settings - put the charger into the phone, this will prevent it from sleeping, but for most people it's not a long term option.


11. The contact has just sent me a message, but there is no online event in WhatsAlarm.

On some operating systems, people can send messages straight from the Whatapp notification, without opening the app. If this is the case, they never appear online on Whatapp, so we cannot show the event either.

Another possibility: if the contact has an unstable internet connection or simply activates “airplane mode”, he can send a message without ever appearing online. In order to appear online, you must open Whatapp during a stable internet connection for 3-5 seconds, otherwise you will never be seen as online by other phones.

12. The contact has read a message sent by me, but there is no online event in WhatsAlarm.
If a contact just flashes the conversation and then immediately closes it, the blue tick will appear, but the online status won't be changed. In order to appear as online, the contact must use Whatapp for approximately 3-5 seconds.

You can try this on your own. Lock your phone while having a conversation open. Then ask the respective contact to send you a new message. Unlock/lock your phone in less than 2 seconds. The contact won't see you as being online, but the message will appear as read. This happens most frequently if the contact reading the message is using the iPhone version of Whatapp.

On new operating systems (for example Android 8), Whatapp has a new type of notification display, that permits the receiver of the message to mark it as read straight from the notification popup, without opening Whatapp. This will send a read receipt to your device (blue tick), but the contact who reads the message will never appear online.

13. Do you also log voice and video calls?

No. Whatapp does not show the user as being online while on a call. We can only show what Whatapp shows. You can test this yourself: Open Whatapp, initiate a call with somebody and look at your account from a third phone. You will see yourself as offline during the call. (except the first 10-15 seconds approximately)


Please contact us from the email you have registered with in our app, which is not necessarily your Google account email. If your email address is not registered in the WhatsAlarm app, we cannot see who you are.

If you are reporting a problem, just to make everything easier, please state in your email:

your WhatsAlarm username
the phone number you are having issues with
screenshots are always very helpful